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Re: ptyfs terminals updating atime on open(2)

In article <20110916042242.1d5f821f@adolfputzen>,
Julian Fagir  <> wrote:
>after messing a bit around with write(1), I've seen that ptyfs has a very
>strange behaviour.
>It updates in ptyfs_getattr() all times, including the access time. Thus,
>even if you only open(2) a tty, its access time is being modified.
>The appended (as in "bottom text") program shows that. Just run cc on it and
>give it as argument the path of an idle pty (it has to be a ptyfs-pty!).
>This breaks e.g. the behaviour of write, which always open's the tty
>before stat'ing it, thus _always_ giving you the lowest-numbered login
>terminal of the user, at least in my test cases that was the case (and its
>the expected behaviour of it).
>Please do not update write(1) now, I'll supply some other patches for it as
>well I would have to remerge then, and the work now would perhaps be gone.
>I didn't file a bug for this nor did I supply a fix because I don't know if
>you really *can* fix it. This behaviour must be around for a while, perhaps
>there are userland programs relying on it. Though they'll be broken anyway
>when being started on a real terminal.

Fixed on head, thanks for the bug report and the program.


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