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Re: pty(4) 1024 bytes buffer limit

On Thu 08 Sep 2011 at 22:56:29 -0400, Mouse wrote:
> There's also a possible issue with direct selection data transfer
> versus INCR data transfer, but in xterm's case that is unlikely to be
> what's behind your problem.  It's hard to be sure; you outline
> conditions under which you see misbehaviour but you don't say what the
> misbehaviour actually is.

Sorry. What I'm seeing is that I have selected more than 1024 characters
in one xterm, and when I paste it in another, I only get the first 1024
of those.

The way I checked the number was to type in one shell the "wc" command,
then paste into that xterm. The output from wc (if needed, forced to end
with one or two ^Ds) tells me its input is only 1024 bytes.

I suddenly realise that the problem could also be on the source side of
the paste, because if I paste into a gvim window, the limitation seems
to occur too. Though I'm not sure if there isn't a pty in there
somewhere too.

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