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Re: Where are the specific WARNS=n defined?

>> It is not necessarily an error to compare signed and unsigned
>> values.  [...]
> And it is not an error to put assignments in conditionals, or not
> place parentheses to clarify operator precedence, etc.  It is a
> warning [...].  For some of us this is helpful.  The compiler writers
> try to help protect programmers against common mistakes.  If you
> don't like the warnings you are free to turn them off.

That's what I do - along with a handful of other such warnings.

The question asked what the appropriate action was, whether to turn the
warnings off (the way real kernel compiles apparently do anyway) or
uglify the code to work around the warning [ok, my phrasing].  I
believe the former is better, because in my experience the mistake the
warning warns about is anything but common.

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