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Re: The default system module area path

Am 10.08.11 11:53, schrieb Marc Balmer:
> Currently, we install kernel modules under the following path
> /stand/<arch>/<release>/<name>/<name>.kmod
> The duplication of the name probabably was meant to prevent escaping the
> path when a module name like ../../../foo was given on the commandline.
> I recently changed the module loading behaviour so that a module that is
> loaded from the default system module area must not, and can not,
> contain a path separator character.
> Therefore I suggest that we install modules into
> /stand/<arch>/<release>/<name>.kmod

As several people pointed out, the reason for a directory was not (only)
what I assumed, but to also bundle other files like e.g. plists, or
firmwares etc. with the module.  I'd say we leave it at is for now,
expecially since this is still a field of experimentation.

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