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Re: RFC: New security model secmodel_securechroot(9)

On Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 08:29:11AM +0100, David Laight wrote:
> One problem is that, historically, unix privileges have always been
> based on a sledgehammer approach - if you don't want everybody to
> be able to do something then only root can do it.

That can and has been fixed in other Unix operating systems.  The
problem is that a lot of people simply cannot see the use of such a
facility not because they are dumb, just that they have not encountered
a situation which could not be addressed with the normal unix
permissions or, perhaps, sudo.

Some things that have been problematic for me in the past with the unix
security model that I have been able to solve using finer grain
permissions are:

1) permitting an ordinary user to run apache on port 80, allowing them
to perform restarts and kill misbehaving daemons without requiring root

2) permitting an ordinary user to run an ldap server on port 389

using the setuid daemon dance makes things awkward when it comes to
trying to kill things off.  Using sudo can be a pain because someone has
to be around to type the password which means you cannot schedule
restarts/kills as an unprivileged user.

Other things it would be useful for would be winding back the number of
setuid utilities on the system - ping could be permitted to open a raw
network interface, at the moment it has to be setuid to do this.

Brett Lymn
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