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Re: error adding a new system call

2011/6/16 Martin Husemann <>
On Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 12:39:11AM +0800, Charles Zhang wrote:
>    - add the syscall to the src/sys/kern/syscall.master list

Use forward declarations in this version, like "struct whatever *"
instead of a typedef'd name, so the signature is valid all by itself.

Thanks. It solves my problem and I can build the kernel.

I made a mistake just a moment ago. libc was removed by executing
 "mv /lib/ /lib/".

After that, most command can't execute. I try to move libc back, but
"mv" can't execute either. Also, the system can not boot.

Does NetBSD have a rescue mode where I can recover my system? 
If I have to re-install the system, can I install it without formatting the
disk?(so my source file is not lost)

Charles Zhang

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