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Re: extended attributes

Emmanuel Dreyfus <> wrote:

> I suggest that if we make extended attribute the default, we disabled
> autostart in single user mode.

The complete proposal:

- extatrrctl start will automaticaly enable the attribute (no need to
extattrctl enable each attribute). I do this by changing the call
ufs_extattr_start() to ufs_extattr_autostart() in kernel when handling
the UFS_EXTATTR_CMD_START. request for extattrctl(2)

- We introduce a MNT_EXTATTR_START mount(2) flag, with a -o extattr
mount(8) flag. Using it will cause mount(2) to call extattrctl
UFS_EXTATTR_CMD_START when a UFS1 mount is successful.

- We add a rc.d script that runs after fsck, checks for -o extattr for
the root in /etc/fstab and do extattrctl start / if present.

- We make UFS_EXTATTR, UFS_EXTATTR_AUTOSTART enabled by default.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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