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Re: extended attributes

Thor Lancelot Simon <> wrote:

> If what you're saying is that the attribute store writes are not treated
> with the same integrity guarantees as other metadata writes, and, worse,
> that the datastructures they're stored in are not designed to be robust
> against corruption at least such that the system does not crash if it
> encounters, let's say, a truncated attribute store -- that sounds to me
> like such a severe design and implementation bug that this feature should
> be removed from the source tree.

Well I do not know if it is less robust, but I can tell I managed to
corrupt it to the point the root could not be mounted anymore.

> Is FreeBSD's FFSv2 attribute code similarly fragile?  A lot of people
> seem to be using it.  Maybe it would be a better path forward for us.

FFSv2 does not use file as backing store, the attribute are said to be
"native". I suspect it is indeed more robust. I would be happy if
someone is ready to import that code.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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