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Re: GNU vs C99 extern inline

David Young <> wrote:
> How about making it static inline in the header file?
> > 4. kern/kern_descrip.c:fd_getfile()
> > 
> >  as this function seems quite large, inlining might not give that much
> >  benefit, and most of the calls are using the external reference anyway
> I agree that it's probably not beneficial.

This *is* actually the one which might have some effect to performance.

Having said that, I think it is not worth.  Especially, when fd_getfile()
is bigger and probably causes a bit more code duplication.

> It doesn't look to me like we need the "extern inline" idiom.

Right.  I believe all listed extern inlining cases should be converted
to a normal functions.  They are rarely worth, effect is negligible.


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