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Re: kernel bitreverse function

On Sun, Apr 03, 2011 at 01:43:34PM +0200, Frank Wille wrote:
> David Laight wrote:
> > Indeed, either:
> >   ((b * 0x80200802ull) & 0x0884422110ull) * 0x0101010101ull >> 32
> > or
> >   ((b * 0x0802u & 0x22110u) | (b * 0x8020u & 0x88440u)) * 0x10101u >> 16
> > are probably best - probably the 2nd since it avoids a 64x64 multiply.
> A nice solution. I like it. Unfortunately the second method doesn't
> work for me. It reverses both nibbles of a byte seperately instead of
> the whole byte. E.g. from 0x01 it makes 0x08.
> Once it works it should probably be in libkern.

Works for me, I replaced the 2nd multiply by a shift (of the 1st product).
Probably good for anything that has fast multiply and a barrel shifter.
Hmmm... the gcc I used compiled it into 15 instructions, with long
dependant instruction sequences instead of a multiply.
I more modern gcc, compiling for a more modern cpu type, might
generate code that will run faster on a modern cpu.

> > It is also worth allowing for cpus that can have a hardware instruction
> > (and then do it in 1 clock!)
> Indeed some CPUs can do that. I know that the ColdFire has a bitrev
> instruction. Such code can go into libkern/arch.

I was thinking of the nios2 - for which I wrote and instruction to
do bitswap and byteswap ... (using the B field of the custom instruction
to determine which result to return).


David Laight:

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