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Re: next vforkup chapter: lwpctl

Garrett Cooper <> wrote:
>     It would be interesting to see how well FreeBSD fares now because
> 7.1 was before the ULE scheduler was setup as the default scheduler. <...>

We are well aware of ULE and tried with it enabled as well. :)

> <...> Things also improved
> again with scaling in FreeBSD 8.x, and there's work in the pipeline
> for 9.0-RELEASE to get rid of vm-locking which seems to have
> qualitatively yielded performance gains on the 2 workstations and 1
> server I have FreeBSD CURRENT installed on and actively work with.

Not sure what "vm-locking" you have in mind.  I have seen some commits
which reduce contention on page-queue lock by moving protection of some
VM page flags to an object's lock.  This issue is relevant for NetBSD
as well.  We investigate other approaches, though.

>     If I can get things up and running like someone did for the NetBSD
> slides above with FreeBSD CURRENT and NetBSD CURRENT on my amd64 test
> machine (directions welcome :)..), I'll give the tests a shot again to
> see how divergent the performance results are between the two BSDs in
> this area.

Feel free to post them on tech-perform@, it will be interesting to know.



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