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Re: next vforkup chapter: lwpctl

Garrett Cooper <> wrote:
> >
> > But what, that uses LWPCTL, are you actually supposed to be doing after
> > vfork()?  Whack some environment variables and some globals -- maybe --
> > then exec*().  What else is legitimate?
> >
> > If it doesn't slow down vfork, great, fix whatever.  But vfork
> > performance really is critical.  Look how much slower, for example,
> > FreeBSD builds the system than we do.  vfork is a huge part of that.
> Hi Thor,
>     Do you have performance metrics to back up your statement below
> about `FreeBSD build[ing] the system slower than we do' (paraphrased)?

Note: it uses the same toolchain (i.e. same make, gcc, etc).

However, I suppose FreeBSD team is aware of these.


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