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Re: next vforkup chapter: lwpctl

On Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 10:52:16AM -0800, Garrett Cooper wrote:
> Hi Thor,
>     Do you have performance metrics to back up your statement below
> about `FreeBSD build[ing] the system slower than we do' (paraphrased)?

Yes.  I sent it to this mailing list quite some time ago.  Given what
would seem to be your confrontational attitude (I'm sorry, did I do
something wrong by discussing NetBSD performance on a NetBSD mailing
list?  I'm not sure what) I'm not really in the mood to do your Google
search for you...

On the same hardware, Mac OS X is considerably slower still.  There,
the reason appears to be that the shell is slow, too.

  Thor Lancelot Simon                               

  "We cannot usually in social life pursue a single value or a single moral
   aim, untroubled by the need to compromise with others."      - H.L.A. Hart

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