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Re: FIXED: mpt Serious performance issues

On Wed, Feb 09, 2011 at 12:50:34PM +0100, Stephan wrote:
> > Reset it to a known state.
> Okay.
> > No, but it's just wrong to apply the modes computed for the
> > virtual disk, to a physical disk.
> When the controller operates in RAID mode, is target page 0 still the
> disk page or the page for the RAID volume?

For a virtual disk, it doesn't make much sense to have speed and duplex
settings on the controller side. So I think it still controls the
physical disk parameters.

> I think that´s what Eduardo
> said. If it´s for the RAID set, should then the mode setting still be
> ignored?
> > for your configuration. I could immagine that not resetting the
> > mode pages could make it non-functionnal in some other
> > configs.
> Maybe yes. But I wonder why I don´t see this behaviour in the OpenBSD
> and FreeBSD driver.

which behavior ?

> > both x86 I guess, and both with the BIOS enabled.
> Both x86. Did you mean the mainboard BIOS or the MPT BIOS?


> > for FC, tagged queuing should also work AFAIK.
> The driver needs some love regarding FC and SAS. Looking at other
> drivers, special treatment for these devices is needed.

probably. But this doesn't mean we can't enable tagged queuing now.
At last for FC it should just work.

> Making the driver RAID aware, I successfully gathered different types
> of information from the controller. What i don´t see at the moment is
> how physical disks can be associated to RAID sets. That would be
> needed in order to determine the disks mode setting should be ignored
> for.


Manuel Bouyer <>
     NetBSD: 26 ans d'experience feront toujours la difference

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