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Re: mpt Serious performance issues

I do believe that this is a general issue since i have at least 5 very
different servers with these mpt chips (not only 1030) that all did
behave the same. My understanding for now is that

-there is no issue with the settings between the scsipi layer and the
virtual disk (TQ, WIDE, SYNC, etc.)
-even the WRITE CACHE bit in the raid volume settings page is set; and
the write speed increases up to over 60MB/s as soon as I just pull the
upper disk out of the server i am testing with
-that eventually the link between the raid chip and the upper disk
isn´t setup the same way as with the lower disk (Maybe no TQ, WIDE,
-it MUST be an issue in the netbsd driver, as other OSses perform well
on exactly the server I am testing with

But what may that be?

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