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Re: mpt Serious performance issues

On Wed, 22 Dec 2010, Stephan wrote:

> Hm, as a workaround, I managed to destroy the RAID-set and acessed the
> disks directly.
> Does anybody have an idea what causes the poor perfomance on hardware
> RAID-sets?

I'd have to know more about the specific controller to be more specific, 
but mpt is LSI's low end firmware.  It's primarily designed to access 
drives directly.  They threw in the RAID feature so it looks good on the 
feature list, but the firmware doesn't really do a good job wih it.  If 
you want decent H/W RAID performance you should really use LSI's MegaRAID 
stack.  OTOH if you're not running Windows, software RAID is usually the 
best idea.


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