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Re: 5.99.30 sparc panic during startup

> >> the macppc and news68k zshard()'s get the actual zsc_softc * as
> >> the (void *arg), but sparc does not.
> >
> >So we should make sparc zs do so.
> >
> >It looks multiple interrupt handlers against the same interrupt level
> >are properly queued and handled in sparc/intr.c:ih_insert(), so
> >no need to prepare own queue in zs.c.
> >
> >The attached patch works on tme-0.8 emulating SS2.

> The patch fixes the panic on my ss20 - an UP kernel makes it to multi-user,
> and I can log in, and access the machine from the network. There's pppoe,
> netatalk and samba breakage, but that may be due to version skew with the
> netbsd-4 userland.
> Great work, thanks a lot!


> > the ss10/ss20 are the ones to test.
> Attached are dmesg.boot from my SS20. One with serial console, the
> other with local framebuffer console / wscons. I net-booted the machine
> to single user mode only.

Should I do commit this patch?

Izumi Tsutsui

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