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Re: Using emap for i386/amd64 early during boot

Jean-Yves Migeon <> wrote:
> As I have yet to understand the inner workings of emap, I'd like to know 
> if it is possible to wrap i386_cpu_switch_pmap() around uvm_emap 
> functions, like this:
> [...]
> u_int gen = uvm_emap_gen_return();
> i386_cpu_switch_pmap(pmap);
> uvm_emap_update(gen);
> [...]

Sure.  Both calls just get/update the generation numbers (see uvm_emap.c).

However, there are some thoughts to revisit current UVM emap, so I would
suggest you to not spend much time on this (i.e. you can just skip these
calls around TLB flushes for now).


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