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Re: config_mountroot(9) for firmload(9) (Re: [RFC] aftermountroothook)

On 06/18/10 19:05, Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
I think it can be implemented as well as config_interrupt().
You can register all deferred initializetions via config_mountroot()
(or so) like config_interrupt() and they could be established by
config_finalize_mountroot() (or so) from init_main.c after mountroot().

I've posted a patch for this into PR kern/43125:

I've also put a diff for this config_mountroot(9) changes
with man page update here:

This patch adds a new API "config_mountroot(9)" which will be used
for device drivers to defer configration until mountroot(), like
config_interrupt(9) that defers configuration after interrupts are enabled.
It also adds configure3() called after mountroot() in init_main.c.

This API will be used by devices that require firmware files to
complete device attachmenta after mountroot().

looks fine. I've updated upgt(4) to use config_mountroot(9).

If there is no particular objection to concept of config_mountroot(9)
itself, I'll commit this patch in a few days.

I have no objection :)


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