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patch for ataraid (Re: ataraid(4) problems)


  I put a patch for ataraid driver at

  I'd like to get this patch reviewed.  I have tested this patch only
on my mother board with Intel Matrix RAID.  I'd appreciate it if
someone could test the patch for other ataraid flavors.

  I'm going to commit this patch along with the patch provided by Juan
in kern/38273.

  Two more problems I found since my last mail were:

  4) Matrix RAID supports multiple arrays (sets of disks), and each
     array can have multiple volumes in it.  ataraid(4) assumes only
     one array and can't handle multiple arrays correctly.

  5) bioctl(8) expects interleave value in Kibytes, while ld_ataraid
     reports it in block counts.

  And there is one issue with my patch. It changes how to handle
interleave value for Matrix RAID, and makes it fail to access existing
NetBSD file systems on RAID0 volumes. The change was necessary to make
it possible to mount file systems made by other OSes (such as Windows)
on RAID0 volumes.

  As ataraid(4) has been broken for years, I don't think there are
many users who have NetBSD partitions on RAID0 volumes on Intel Matrix
RAID, but I'll write a heads-up to current-users@ before I commit the patch.


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