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Re: WAPBL and IDE mac68k

> It happens even when I try to boot to single user mode because I see
> the message saying "/: replaying log to memory" right before it
> panics.  Not sure why the journaling stuff happens when booting in
> single user mode without mounting any filesystems, but that's what it
> is.

You can't boot without mounting any filesystems at all; / must be
mounted, at a minimum.

> When I moved the drive to the same machine's SCSI bus, it works fine
> with any kernel, so this is specific to the IDE bus of the Quadra
> 630-type machines.

What kind of disk is it that can sit on either SCSI or IDE?  Or do you
have some kind of adapter in front of it in one case?  Could the
adapter be related?

> (1) How does one start up in single user mode WITHOUT filesystems
> getting read?

One doesn't.  You need to get / from _somewhere_.  Perhaps for your
purposes it might be a good idea to boot with / on NFS?  I don't recall
enough of mac68k to say how, but most ports have _some_ way to specify
"prompt me for root &c" when booting.

> (2) Who knows enough about WAPBL and IDE busses to guess where to
> look for a possible solution to this problem?

Not me.

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