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Re: (Semi-random) thoughts on device tree structure and devfs

> And now anyone who can jack around with the userspace daemon process
> can cause you to mount a filesystem you didn't intend to mount.
> I think discovery of the identifiers used to mount devices needs to
> be in the kernel.  We can do that already for RAIDframe and GPT; why
> back away from it now?

Ah.  I've been unaware of that.  Thanks for pointing it out.

Although I once said mknod /dev/id/... should be run in userland, now I
believe it should be in-kernel.  It's so simple.

What I don't want is to dig not-truely unique strings like labels.  That
makes devfs responsible to resolve confliction, which in turn leads to some
configuration thing, which I definitely want to avoid.


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