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Re: (Semi-random) thoughts on device tree structure and devfs

> Linux had a devfs and [dropped] it.  Now it has udevd(8).  Most
> likely the penguins had a reason for this.

Surely there are mailing list messages or something that outline that
reason?  (Not that I have any idea where they'd be, but don't we have
at least a few people with feet in both camps?)

> udevd(8) gives the user land control over device enumeration.  Maybe
> no bad idea.  (Disclaimer: I don't like Linux.)

I think it probably is no bad idea.  I don't like Linux either, but I
don't think it's so irremediably disastrous that there's nothing at all
NetBSD could learn from it.

> BTW: OSF/1 aka DEC-Unix aka Tru64-Unix did somthing like Linux +
> udevd(8) over 10 years ago.

Another reason to think that it's likely worth trying.

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