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Re: automatic vnd'ing on kernel boot

Hi, thanks for your comment.

Michael van Elst replies;

Can you please explain in how far a single file and vnd layer
on top is any different to just the image (maybe in a partition)
on the medium?

I understand it is nice to have a system image on a FAT formatted
USB stick for portability and ease of handling. But regarding wear
leveling there shouldn't be any difference.

Someone once said internal NAND controller chip fabricated in modern
sillicon storage, like CompactFlash, SDMMC and others, are optimized
for FAT FS runtime dynamism.  It might be a myth.  As It's not
disclosed how the controller HW manages badblock and wear-levelling,
it'd be unlikely validatable whether "made (just) for FAT or not."

So, my idea is "let us go FFS in a plain large image of FAT, and
don't care to do disklabel+newfs similicon storage themselves

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology

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