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Re: automatic vnd'ing on kernel boot ("Toru Nishimura") writes:

>/// the aim and its background ///
>- to allow NetBSD rootfs reside in a single SD media FAT
>as an ordinary file.
>- Xen users have been enjoying FFS rootfs on a single file
>with the help of vnd in daily operations.
>- rootfs images on SD FAT will compensate the lack of
>NetBSD NAND driver.  No badblock nor wear-leveling
>management is necessary; the media itself should be
>smart enough about the glory details about ever-changing
>awesome NAND technology.
>- also makes sense for USB memstick or AnyLiveCDimage.iso

Can you please explain in how far a single file and vnd layer
on top is any different to just the image (maybe in a partition)
on the medium?

I understand it is nice to have a system image on a FAT formatted
USB stick for portability and ease of handling. But regarding wear
leveling there shouldn't be any difference.

                                Michael van Elst
                                "A potential Snark may lurk in every tree."

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