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raidframe, autoconfigure, and spares

Is there any way to (more simply than running commands
after each boot) have a raidframe (raid1 or raid5) set
be bother uatoconfiguring, and have hot spares?

I can add the spare easily ... raidctl -a /dev/wdxP raidN
(and the partition used is of type RAID in the disklabel of wdx)

but after a reboot, it is gone again.   I assume this is
related to ...

   -a component dev
         Add component as a hot spare for the device dev.  Component
         labels (which identify the location of a given component within a
         particular RAID set) are automatically added to the hot spare
         after it has been used and are not required for component before
         it is used.

which suggests that nothing happens to the spare when it is added.
That makes it kind of difficult for the raid autoconfigure code
to find it, I would guess.

Is there some way to get a component label added, marking the spare
as belonging to this raidset, and being a spare?


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