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re: Catweasel driver

   1. The firmware is large, with about 60k. Does anybody have experience
   with using a compressed firmware image in the driver, which is uncompressed
   on the fly, while uploading it to the chip? How would I do that?
   (This would probably make sense for most firmware, so a common interface
   in the kernel could be quite useful.)

we've been talking about doing this for a while but no one has done it.

for now, i recommend just commiting the firmware to sys/dev/ic/microcode
and use it as you see fit.

FWIW, 60KB is not large.  not compared to the rest of that subdirs,
units are in KB:

20      sys/dev/microcode/daic
22      sys/dev/microcode/tools
34      sys/dev/microcode/i8255x
34      sys/dev/microcode/rum
48      sys/dev/microcode/bge
80      sys/dev/microcode/yds
94      sys/dev/microcode/zyd
126     sys/dev/microcode/siop
190     sys/dev/microcode/ral
364     sys/dev/microcode/typhoon
450     sys/dev/microcode/wi
476     sys/dev/microcode/tigon
578     sys/dev/microcode/aic7xxx
588     sys/dev/microcode/bnx
754     sys/dev/microcode/atmel
980     sys/dev/microcode/cyclades-z
4364    sys/dev/microcode/isp

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