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Catweasel driver


yesterday I started to write an MI driver for the Catweasel MK3 and MK4 PCI
boards (

The card is recognized, the io space is mapped and the hardware is
initialized (firmware uploaded into the card's FPGA).

ATM I have two questions:

1. The firmware is large, with about 60k. Does anybody have experience
with using a compressed firmware image in the driver, which is uncompressed
on the fly, while uploading it to the chip? How would I do that?
(This would probably make sense for most firmware, so a common interface
in the kernel could be quite useful.)

2. The card also supports two (Amiga/Atari-style) digital joysticks. It
would be nice to make them appear as joy(4). Is it possible to use
the same device major number as /dev/joy* but with a another driver than

Frank Wille

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