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Re: Interrupt problems on NetBSD/i386 5.0.1

Thanks, Brian, for your tips.

2010/2/6 Brian Buhrow <>:
>        hello.  What happens if you boot without acpi?  (boot -2)

Audio playback may have improved a little when booting with "-2": the
echo-like distortion is still there but seems to be less frequent.

> This looks like a problem similar to one I had with my Dell laptop.  I
> filed a pr about it. See below.
> Does this help?

For audio playback: yes. The echoes are (nearly) gone.

There is a difference in the dmesg output.

Without your patch:
LNKC: ACPI: Found matching pin for 0.7.INTC at func 5: 9
LNKC: BIOS IRQ 9 for 0.7.INTC is invalid
LNKC: Picked IRQ 10 with weight 9
auvia0: interrupting at irq 10

With your patch and "options ACPI_BELIEVE_BIOS":
LNKC: ACPI: Found matching pin for 0.7.INTC at func 5: 9
<nothing about "INTC is invalid">
auvia0: interrupting at irq 9

Unfortunately, neither of the above measures ("-2" or patch) solves
the timeout problems when trying to play a video DVD when wd0 is

Is there some kernel configuration option which enables more details
on missing or spurious interrupts? Maybe the interrupt had been
received but then routed to an unexpected destination...

Kind regards

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