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Re: blocksizes

> > newfs(8) doesn't work even with -S 2048 option.
> > (probably it tries to write data at offset not sectorsize aligned)
> Apparently makefs -S 2048 works, and the resulting image also works only
> when accessed with 2048 byte simulated sector size (fs-utils with ffs
> from rump):

Well, before implementing or fixing any code, we have to
clarify what "disk block size stored in FFS superblock" means.

I guess UCB guys put fsbtodb value into superblock to handle
variable hardware sector size. But in current implementation
some code uses fsbtodb() (ffs_alloccg() etc) and others use
btodb() (ffs_alloc() etc) so it's quite inconsistent.

If we will allow only logical (DEV_BSIZE) one for it, we also
have to fix newfs(8) and makefs(8) not to use sectorsize via -S.
Oh, then why do we still need -S sectorsize and fs_fsbtodb value
in userland? What's the consisntent definition?

As I wrote before, we also have to consider about DIRBLKSIZ value.
Izumi Tsutsui

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