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Re: wsevent MP-safe

Matthias Drochner <> wrote:
> > > have this queue mmap()able,
> > > or at least accessible to kernel video drivers
> > Why do you think that patch inhibits it
> Formerly, the structure was public. (Although I agree that it
> was not terribly useful to be synchronized with a userspace
> consumer as-is, but it was something to start with.) Now it
> is private.

I made it private intentionally - in the current form it should not be
exposed anywhere.  Might change in the future, however we are currently
discussing a different model, which is not even designed.  I doubt that
patch of wsevents quick-locking is relevant in such context.  Disagree?

> Just want to point out that I'm absolutely not certain whether
> X servers etc support that kind of event interface now or in
> future. <...>

That might be a good start to approach such project. ;)


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