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Re: PR 42583: ACPI errors, HP DV6-1334US [Was: The imperfect beauty of NetBSD]

In article <E1NSKQn-000Nq7-Ts%daland.home@localhost>,
Alex Goncharov  <> wrote:
>,--- I/Alex (Tue, 05 Jan 2010 12:44:29 -0500) ----*
>| Thank you: over the next few days, I am planning to attempt a BIOS
>| upgrade and enter a PR with an ACPI dump
>Did both -- the BIOS upgrade did not help.
>There is more information than listed in the PR, if anybody is
>interested (and, of course, I can do more experimenting on demand).
>| Another thing about ACPI in NetBSD that bothers me: "halt -p" not
>| always powers off a computer.
>| I *think* I didn't forget the `-p' option to `halt' last night --
>| still, the machine was halted without switching off.
>Tried this again, on the laptop, submitting `halt -p' in an `xterm'
>window displayed elsewhere -- the laptop doesn't power off, with the
>old or new BIOS.

Try 'shutdown -p now'. I've had problems with deadlocks when using halt -p
due to processes not dying on time and the kernel getting stuck on their
resources (or even panicking).


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