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Problem with modules (from 'boot')


For some reason I can't get secmodels to work 100% as independent modules.

I have a kernel with no secmodels in it (all relevant lines commented
out in sys/conf/std) and suser, securelevel, and secmodel_bsd44 are
with the rest of the modules in a directory matching the kernel's
version number.

If I boot "normally", that is just the kernel, I can type "modload
secmodel_bsd44" and everything works. If I add either "load suser",
"load securelevel", or both, to the boot option, it also works, and I
can still use "modload secmodel_bsd44" once multiuser is up.

However, if I add "load secmodel_bsd44" -- either alone or after its
two dependencies -- the kernel doesn't boot. In the former case I can
a fault (it's a VM so I can't say more...) and in the latter case I
get a lot of "exit" printed on the screen and then it reboots.

Any ideas what might cause this and how to go about fixing it? :)



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