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Re: zfs crash on amd64

On Nov,Monday 2 2009, at 9:10 AM, Adam Hamsik wrote:

Hi folks,

I would like to ask you for a help with one strange issue on a amd64 with a zfs. On amd64 zfs panics during zpool create. Backtrace + panic message can be found here[1]. I got several other panics (different backtrace) but most of them was somewhat related with SHA256Transform.

I have added some printfs to the zio_checksum_SHA256 and everything looks fine, but when panic happens H[0] is NULL. I'm really not sure how is this possible, but I have checked it twice. PAnic happens here [2]. Panic instruction is this

I have tried to increase USPACE to 8 and it doesn't helped. I wonder if problem can be in a stack size of a kernel thread for a taskq. Because panic happens in taskq kthread. What/where is default kthread stack size defined or does it have it's own stack ?



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