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zfs crash on amd64

Hi folks,

I would like to ask you for a help with one strange issue on a amd64 with a zfs. On amd64 zfs panics during zpool create. Backtrace + panic message can be found here[1]. I got several other panics(different backtrace) but most of them was somewhat related with SHA256Transform.

I have added some printfs to the zio_checksum_SHA256 and everything looks fine, but when panic happens H[0] is NULL. I'm really not sure how is this possible, but I have checked it twice. PAnic happens here [2]. Panic instruction is this

movl 0(%rax), %eax

I checked rax register from ddb and it is set to 0, which is strange because when you look at debug printfs socend address printed in it is address ofH passed to SHA256Transform. I talked with joerg@ and he suggested that it can be some problem with stack overflow on amd64. This problem can be seen on i386 on machines with >3Gb. I would like to enlarge default kernel stack size on amd64 to try to fix this issue. Anyone has an idea how can I do that ?

I'm using DIAGNOSTIC modules build with -O0 -g.




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