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Re: virtualized nfsd (Re: virtual kernels, syscall routing, etc.)

> Part of my point is to show that userspace reimplementations of
> kernel services are pointless.  Kernel code can be just as usable,
> maintainable and portable, and assuming you already have it, there is
> no need to rewrite the wheel.

These are not entirely true.

First sentence first.  Reimplementations are quite often worth doing,
and the more different the environment the greater certain benefits are
(mostly monoculture avoidance of one sort or another, usually others
depending on the details of the case at hand).  If you want
not-totally-identical features sets, sometimes one or the other makes
them easier (for reasons ranging from the APIs available to accidents
of the impelmentations' designs to the licenses the code travels

As for the second sentence, kernel code _can be_ those things, perhaps,
but that's not to say that it necessarily _is_.  Even when it is, most
of the previous paragraph still applies.

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