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Re: virtualized nfsd (Re: virtual kernels, syscall routing, etc.)

>> Good news everyone!

>> I've made the kernel nfs service (nfsd) run in userspace.

> Ok, I've worked on this a little more.  [...]

Okay, this is relatively impressive, extracting what is normally a
piece of the kernel into a userland process - two pieces, in fact, the
NFS server and the underlying networking stack.

But...why?  I had an NFS daemon that ran in userland as an ordinary
userland process, no "unholy cocktails" or "virtual kernels" or even
hacked-up librpcsvc needed, decades ago.  I can't have been the only
one.  Is this just an exercise in recreating a kernel code environment
in userspace, or is there something else I'm missing?

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