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Re: Adding pool_cache_invalidate_local() to pool_cache(9) API

Jason Thorpe wrote:
On Oct 9, 2009, at 6:44 AM, Manuel Bouyer wrote
As pointed out by Jean-Yves, this is the documented behavior of
pool_cache_invalidate(). x86 pmap uses it in a similar way, and checks
that items allocated from the cache are not stale before use.
Ok.  I did not add the per-CPU caching stuff, so I was not aware of this 
behavior... but it seems wrong, and I think it should be changed.  It can be 
very expensive (probably much more expensive than taking an uncontested mutex) 
to check for stale objects.  And, as I said before, this is different than how 
Solaris's kmem_cache works, and kmem_cache is what pool_cache was modeled after 
when I originally wrote it.
I will take look at other projects, perhaps they found a better solution.


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