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Re: USB-related boot hang/"hang" on 5.0.1

On Fri, Oct 02, 2009 at 09:20:20PM +0000, Edward B. DREGER wrote:
> The system in question:
> * Dell DXP061 (Core2 Duo);
> * keyboard connected via USB (alas, no PS/2 nor serial ports);
> * stock $arch 5.0.1 installer CD (same results on both amd64 and i386).
> The kernel appears to hang during device probing, shortly after detecting
> wd0.  I say "appears to" because the boot process ceases to progress, and
> I receive no keyboard response, but pressing the power button generates
> an ACPI event that is noted on the console on the way to a proper
> shutdown.
> It matters not whether the USB controller is set to "On" (full support)
> or to "No Boot" (enabled but sans BIOS support for USB storage devices);
> both approaches fail.  Identical results are obtained with a "native USB"
> media keyboard, and also with a non-media (IBM M-series) PS/2 keyboard
> connected via adapter.
> If, however, USB support is _disabled_ completely via CMOS setup, the
> system boots to userland... albeit with no keyboard.
> The same results are observed via both physical CD drive and pxeboot.
> Any brainstorms, insights, suggestions, thoughts, tips, tricks, or
> non-null pointers are appreciated.

I had a similar (the same?) problem on a Dell Inspiron PC and had to remove
all pckbc (ps/2 keyboard) related lines from my kernel config to avoid the
problem (although the machine had no ps/2 ports either).  There was IIRC an
interrupt storm going on, but I don't remember the details.  I think an UP
kernel (or boot -1) worked, too.


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