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USB-related boot hang/"hang" on 5.0.1

Greetings all,

The system in question:

* Dell DXP061 (Core2 Duo);
* keyboard connected via USB (alas, no PS/2 nor serial ports);
* stock $arch 5.0.1 installer CD (same results on both amd64 and i386).

The kernel appears to hang during device probing, shortly after
detecting wd0.  I say "appears to" because the boot process ceases to
progress, and I receive no keyboard response, but pressing the power
button generates an ACPI event that is noted on the console on the way
to a proper shutdown.

It matters not whether the USB controller is set to "On" (full support)
or to "No Boot" (enabled but sans BIOS support for USB storage devices);
both approaches fail.  Identical results are obtained with a "native
USB" media keyboard, and also with a non-media (IBM M-series) PS/2
keyboard connected via adapter.

If, however, USB support is _disabled_ completely via CMOS setup, the
system boots to userland... albeit with no keyboard.

The same results are observed via both physical CD drive and pxeboot.

Any brainstorms, insights, suggestions, thoughts, tips, tricks, or
non-null pointers are appreciated.

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