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Re: kern/29360: vfs.generic.usermount and mount(8) general questions

On Sun, Sep 6, 2009 at 5:20 AM, Manuel Bouyer<> 

>> Does anyone see any drawbacks to this approach? If not, I'll change
>> the relevant code.
> Yes, that would mean a user could mount his own FS over e.g. /tmp, or
> /var/mail. that's bad.

Forgot about those world-writable-but-sticky directories. Righto. :)

> I think that checking the user owns the mount point is the right thing to do.
> I think a sysctl to control whenever to check for group ownerchip instead
> of user ownerchip would work, though. It's up to the admin to carefully
> choose a group for devices and mount points :)

I agree with Antti here about the sysctl, but I want to replace the
root check, eventually. What do you guys think about replacing the
owner/root check with a kauth action that does the same in a
bsd44-suser listener?



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