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Re: clearing bogus journal

> I have some old filesystems (from the NetBSD 1.x date) that refuses to
> mount -o log, or even r/w, after fsck_ffs -c4:
> # mount -o log /usr
> ffs_wapbl: unknown journal type 255
> mount_ffs: /dev/raid1e on /usr: incorrect super block

I saw the same problem on severam machines.

> A second question is whenever fsck_ffs should do minimum checks against
> the log integrity, and ask for help if it finds a problem. My guess is that
> it should propose to clear the log flag(s) and do a "normal" ffs check in
> such a case. Any idea on what proper behavior of fsck_ffs would be
> with log ?

If old level formats don't support journal at all,
I think "fsck_ffs -c4" should explicitly wipe out
unused wapbl related fields in converted FFSv2-layout superblock.
Izumi Tsutsui

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