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Reclaiming vnodes


I have written patch which changes way how are vnodes reclaimed. Current situation is that vnodes are reclaimed from free list in getnewvnode routine. Getnewvnode tries to find used vnode in free list and it is sucesfull it recycle it. I would like to change this behaviour. I have added new kernel thread called vreclaim which takes care about vnode reclaiming. My patch changes getnewvnode to always do vnalloc and do not care about vnode recycling. Vreclaim thread uses two values to determine if it should start reclaiming vnodes from free list.

int vreclaim_hiwat;
int vreclaim_lowat;

These numbers are computed from sysctl nodes vnodes_num_hiwat/ vnodes_num_lowat which can be set by user. Default is hiwat = 99% and lowat = 95%.

Any comments ?




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