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Re: Support for multi-position electro-mechanical keylocks

It is not a driver, it is a subsystem. There is no read, write, ioctl

Drivers register with it but keylock is not a driver.

Am 09.08.2009 um 22:17 schrieb matthew green <>:

The keyword then is "subsystem". Why on earth is everything contestet
  on NetBSD?

this doesn't work.

your original post about why sys/kern was the right place used the term
'driver' several times over.  now when pushed to put the driver in the
right place, you're changing your terms.

please, just do the right thing and put the driver in the right place.

you didn't explain in any way how keylock is different to ld or audio
or any of the other driver frontends we have in sys/dev.


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