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Re: Support for multi-position electro-mechanical keylocks

Am 02.08.2009 um 21:03 schrieb Antti Kantee:

On Sun Aug 02 2009 at 20:53:32 +0200, Marc Balmer wrote:
And we should, of course, get the secmodel_XXX_start() calls out of
secmodel_bsd44_start().  That is a completely ridiculous place for
to be.

That is not ridicoulous, that is where Elad wanted it to have for
now.  As long as we are talking about experimental code, you should
not classifiy it as ridicoulous, but rather make constructive
suggestions, ok?

I read that as a tangential remark not directed at you. Indeed secmodel
registration is currently quite ridiculous, at least partially because
it predates modules.

A keylock secmodel could register itself when an actual keylock driver registers, e.g.

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