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Re: Support for multi-position electro-mechanical keylocks

On Sun Aug 02 2009 at 20:53:32 +0200, Marc Balmer wrote:
> >And we should, of course, get the secmodel_XXX_start() calls out of
> >secmodel_bsd44_start().  That is a completely ridiculous place for  
> >them
> >to be.
> That is not ridicoulous, that is where Elad wanted it to have for  
> now.  As long as we are talking about experimental code, you should  
> not classifiy it as ridicoulous, but rather make constructive  
> suggestions, ok?

I read that as a tangential remark not directed at you.  Indeed secmodel
registration is currently quite ridiculous, at least partially because
it predates modules.

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