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Re: factoring out the change_root() and making exporting change_{root,dir}() as interface

On Wed Jul 29 2009 at 00:36:37 +0200, Christoph Badura wrote:
> I'd like to factor out the common code of the *chroot syscalls like in
> the following patch.  I'd also like to export change_dir() and the new
> change_root() as an interface from vfs_syscalls.h
> I want to use change_dir() and change_root() in a different kernel module.
> I've been the code in 5.99.4 kernel for a while.  But this is the diff ported
> to 5.99.15 for discussion purposes.
> Comments? Objections?

Little comment: I use something similar in rump for wrapping the root
vnode for ukfs calls.  Since the root vnode is always the same and
referenced for a given ukfs mount, there is no need to do namei() with
every invocation.  If you'd expose it on a vnode level, I could get rid
of the hairbrained rump_rcvp_lwpset() implementation (which, admittedly,
is an "interface" in the style of "let's throw some funk there so that
I can work on the interesting bits").

but, either way, no objection.

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