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Re: GPIO revisited

NetBSD has had support for General Purpose Input/Output devices since the 4.0 release, when the GPIO framework from OpenBSD 3.6 was imported. Since the import of the GPIO framework into NetBSD, I have reworked larger parts of that subsystem in OpenBSD to address some problems and drawbacks (see for motivation and details).

I have now prepared these changes and more for NetBSD and continued to improve on them. The new GPIO framework retains backwards compatibility while adding new features: it integrates with the kauth(9) security framework, has it's own config file format gpio.conf(5), and integrates with the system startup scripts in /etc/ rc.d.


The diff itself can be found online at . I have left older versions of the diff there as well for your amusement. Apply it against NetBSD -current.

There is a new diff at gpio_15.diff which covers most of the feedback I got. I intend to commit this really soon (maybe even in a few hours ;).

- Marc

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