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Quota definitions

So it seems the only filesystems we have that support quotas are the
ufs-based ones. It appears that ufs/ufs/quota.h consists almost
entirely of more or less fs-independent declarations; however,
ufs/ufs/ufs_quota.c will not translate to non-ufs fses without a good
bit of hacking.

Since I'm planning to unhook lfs from ufs, and it would be desirable
to retain quota support, I'd like to sort this out.

There appear to be two basic alternatives: one is to rework
ufs_quota.c and move it to genfs; the other is to leave ufs_quota.c
where it is and reimplement or clone the logic for each fs. Clearly
the first is more desirable, particularly in the long run, but I'm not
sure how realistic it is.

In either case the fs-independent parts of ufs/ufs/quota.h probably
ought to be moved to e.g. sys/quota.h. (Is there any significant
number of 3rd-party tools that know how to find ufs/ufs/quota.h? I
wouldn't think so, but one never knows...)

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

(The other question is whether it's advisable to assume that every fs
should/will have the same on-disk quota format, especially since the
existing format is not y2038-proof. But maybe it's best not to go
there just yet.)

David A. Holland

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