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Re: disappointing upgrade to NetBSD 5.0

Dan Engholm <mustang <at>> writes:
> The installation went without a hitch but
> shortly after booting to the upgraded system, the user domain kernel
> crashed.  The message in the Xen console said:
> panic: Unable to reduce memory reservation
> [...]
> I can't be sure what I am doing to get the problem to occur, but it seems
> to be network related.  Looking around Google, I found one thread in
> port-xen with a similar description but it dead ended with no resolution. 
> (see

There was indeed no resolution to that problem.  I ended up converting
the calls to panic() into waring printf()s.  That gave me a stable Xen2 domU
under 5.99.4.  IIRC the Xen3 xennet driver does the same.


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